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Awwww, sorry about your basket! I love baskets, too, so the sad face is understandable.

Gorgeous yarn! I'm glad you went, too.


Twin, it was so lovely seeing you. We need to definately get together more often. I will say once again that the Wisteria sweater is great on you. And, I am so sorry about your basket fiasco. That face is priceless.


I'm sorry I missed you! What a whirlwind weekend! I met Irene of Twist Collective and she said she knew you from the Penguin days...


Wisteria is beautiful!


Wisteria is gorgeous!! That's a nice color for you. Which yarn did you use for it?

Bonne Marie is extremely cool - I've met her a number of times, as she lives here in Chicago. Very sweet and down to earth.

Rosi G.

BWAAHAHAHA! I still love your face in that picture. LOL


My name is Ana and Iam from Portugal, I like your sweater very mutch can you send me the pattern?I cannot by it because I do not have a credit card thata I can us on Internet,
best regards from Portugal, Ana


Well dont you look disappointed that you didnt get your basket? lol I wish I knew how to knit. I'm determined to learn this year. I've just got to.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Thank YOU for stopping by my blog. Too bad I don't update it often. I'm loonnng overdue. LOL!  I imagine knitting for me is like quilting for you.  Although, all I want to do right now is learn/do alot of quilting. Just not enough time. Oh and the fabrics that you get to choose from... it's like visiting a candy store.




deborah edghill

those pictures are great! I feel like I'm there, but I didn't go this year :( thanks for the virtual tour!


Rhinebeck 2009.. Dandy :)

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