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Of course people still read your blog, mainly me! I luv your quilt top and you're right to choose the slid border. I have more to say but mommy duty calls. See ya.


I still read your blog too..the dress is adorable and the quilt is beautiful. That tempts me even more to break out my sewing machine.


I'm still here. Although i update as regularly as you ... :p

Love the quilt :)


I love the dress!! So cute! Great quilt too.


Love the dress! Love that quilt!I just got into quilting myself :)

Rosi G.

i can't WAIT to see that finished quilt!

Stacey _CrimsonPurl

Always so good to hear from you woman! :) And glad you are quilting away!!


Gorgeous dress! Love the color. And the quilt is just great. You have such talent!

Any yes, I still look to see what you are up to!


Nice job! I like the dress you made. I actually like the flower border on the quilt.

Knitty Cent

the dress turned out to be gorgeous!!! that lantern quilt is stunning! i love the design!!!


Love the dress and quilt. Great design.

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