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Oh WOW! Congrats, Congrats lil Lita.


Congratulations Lita! Now, we will wait and see if that name sticks! My mom came up with what she wanted to be called, but of course, whatever my nephew calls her, she answers too!

Beautiful blanket, btw.

Your grandson is already going to be full of surprises. His parents will have their hands full!


Awww! Congratulations Lita! also on the kindle too! I'm jealous, i guess I will have to console myself with my lil' ol new macbook and iphone. Sniff....I would still like to own a kindle too.

Stacey _CrimsonPurl

GURL!!! Now I see why you did a baby blanket!! For your 1st grandchild!! :oD Well you are a rockin' Lita!!! Is it your son's child?!? CONGRATS!!!!

& you get another baby! @ Kindle! LOL

By the way the blanket came out beautiful and the red color is fitting for a boy OR girl!!

(gasp at 2 posts within 2 weeks! Haha)


that blanket is truly beautiful. great job.


The blanket is absolutely gorgeous 'Lita. And you surely look too young to be a grandmother with your cute self. OK twin, I know you started Wisteria already. How far did you get on it? How about we do a knitalong? I didn't start mine yet. LOL!!


The blanket is gorgeous!! I have always loved that blanket. Its nice to see a completed one by someone else. GREAT JOB!!!

Congratulations on the anniversary AND the baby. How exciting!!


How exciting, congratulations!! I know you have been wanting that Kindle - how cool that you got it!


Congrat "Lita" the blanket is to die for. Girl welcome to 2nd generation club. I am a "Nana" and a "GeeGee" GreatGrand mother.


What a beautiful blanket!!


I don't know what's more beautiful. The wedding anniversary, the beautiful FO, or the equally pretty Kindle! Lucky gal! =^_^=


lovely baby blanket!!


Love the blanket! Congrats on your anniversary and you scored on that Kindle!


that blanket is amazing!


Okay, WHAT is that Amazon -thing?!

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