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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh good luck darling. Ive knit so much my fingers were burning! Now I have to dye the dang thing. It probably won't even be dry in time. This is wool we're talking about! I love, love, love, your quilt blocks!


Wow, you've been a quiltign fool. I really should dust off the old sewign machine and get to crackin on some projects I want to do.

I'm sure you'll finish your vest in time. I can't wait to have all the watchamacallits all together again. Reuinted, and it feels so good!

Rosi G.

WOW!! Your quilt blocks looked nice before but these are gorgeous, Boog!!! I'm still waiting for you, Necia and Chante to get together and make poor li'l ol me a quilt!

I have great faith in you. I'm sure you WILL finish that hood!


I love how you combined those colors for the quilt. And the red & white blocks are so pretty.

Look at your knitting. After all that, you don't have much more to do!


Everything looks great! You have been really busy!


What a great swap! And I luv the red & white colors!!

Giggle @ trying to be slick! ;op
Vest is coming along nicely and you WILL make it!

Can't wait to see all the pics and hear about RB!!! SO jelly!


Good luck! I hope you get the vest finished. It looks great!

I like those quilt blocks you were working on too.


OH! MY GOD! You wore that and I didn't even comment on it! We met for such a brief time and I haven't read your blog in atleast a week to see your update.

It is fabulous and you looked GORGEOUS in it Jeanine. You do such lovely work, really.

And the squares you worked on in this blog post! you go girl! They look wonderful and I am sure your swap partner will love them.

It was so great meeting you! Thanks for being such a great swap partner!


wow, your squares look great and the cardigan is coming along really good too

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