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Awww.. your little girl looks so cute. I may need to get that capelet pattern for my god-daughters. That is... AFTER the RB sweater. Girl, things keep getting in the way of my knitting too. We should just fly off to an island somewhere for a few days, where nothing will bother us but the man bringing daquiris. Haha!!


Wow, you have been really busy. Hopefully you are able to carve a little time out for knitting.


At least your needles are clicking away! :o)

DD is a cutie in her "Cutie Capelet"

Knit Hard!


How cute is your mini-me in that capelet?



The cutie capelet for a cutie! I think you're too hard on yourself. Your blocks will be fine, as is your vest. You're fabulous dahling! Yea, lace, I haven't seen that around this part of time in a long while! Woo hoo!

Rosi G.

She looks COMPLETELY adorable in that capelet!! She has her momma's smile.


Awww, she is a cutie in her capelet!!

I like Tahki Bunny - I used the Bunny Print before for Cherie Amour and liked it.


Too cute!! She is adorable in the capelet!!!

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