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I like it! Will you make me one?


Now you know if you make one for Necia then you have to make one for me too!

I'm so jealous that you're in Scouts sock club. I love her yarn.

sp - aka - samantha?

The basket is lovely. You could always keep your currentl sock project in it. Or put the NEXT sock project in it to display it and keep you motivated!

You do lovely work.


Your basket is fabulous! I love the color choice. skyblue+brown=awesome!

Rosi G.

And you can't make one for Necia and Chante and leave ME out!! HECK NO!


you gonna be busy making all those lovely baskets!! :o)


I am so enjoyed show and tell! :o)
And the basket is cute!!
Have a great weekend Jeanine!


that basket is the perfect "get well soon" basket! wink, wink...

when will you open that Etsy shop!??

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