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sp - aka - samantha?

So glad to hear that you like the magazines! They have some great patterns in them.

I also like the Februrary lady sweater. I have been trying to think which of my "reclaimed" yarns I could use for it.

Glad to hear that your knitting is coming along well.



LOL @ Gotta look back at previous post! Gurl you are something else!

BUT you know we are still here catching up with you! ;o)

Good move about the project for Ravelympics you will get C&L all done in 17 days! Yah!

Can't wait to see your other F.O.s and you will be just fine with the quilting part of Monkey! Just GO FOR IT!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Lace & Cable is looking great, Jeanine!! I love it in white and think it will be beautiful on you. Can't wait to see the DSLT either. I've been feeling overextended too, so I'm sitting out the Ravelympics.


Can't wait to see your sweater. That book with the houses look cute, love the pictures. I love books with great pictures.

I feel you on being exhausted, i just got back from vacation and I feel like I need a vacation from the vacation. Phew.

Rosi G.

I am really enjoying knitting up our L&CT! It's faster I think cuz of the double yo's.

I can't wait to see yours done.

Glad you're slowing down, too.


whew, i hope your ravelympics knitting is going well. Man, it's been wearing me out, LOL. glad to hear you're coming up for air. i know what you mean about not having a minute to think straight. can't wait to see what you finish for the ravelympics!

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