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You are a mess gurl! Haha @ Samantha!

Rosi G.

That watermelon drink sounds yummy, but I don't really like watermelon. Can I use strawberries?? LOL

Nice bag and loot!


Dag, Samantha, as in Samantha who? I guess, ole Sam is kewl, so long as she doesn't have an arch enemy by the name. I guess it could've been worst. You could've renamed her Christina Aguilera! Nah, but on the realz, the gift is nice. And, so very needed, lol. A sincere gifts. Those are the best, and it rocks! So where do you get Lemon Sorbet from? The recipe sounds amazing, although I am a bit surprised it isn't a FRIED beverage, being it was created by Ms. Paula!


I just made a summer scarf out of the brown sheep cotton fleece. It was the first time I've used it and I love it! I bought it out of curiosity.

sp - aka - samantha?

I am so pleased that you liked your first little gift of yarnie goodness.

I have been enjoying shopping for your big package of goodies!

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