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Rosi G.

Dude she hooked you up.

And I dunno HOW you waited til the next day to open that box. I admire your restraint. I ain't got none of that. LOL


Wow, what a great package!! Love that "tigers eye" yarn! Glad to hear Lace & Cable is moving along at a steady pace too.


I really wish that I could participate in Swaps because I love to spoil people. I had to stop because i couldn't manage to get to the post office in time.
I love that alpaca.


What a FANTASTIC gift. You should be so lucky. I gotta admit, that Malabrigo is screaming YOUR name!

sp - aka - samantha?

I am so glad that the colors are what you love! I agonized over which one's to get for you. It's hard to order something with out seeing it and feeling it with your own eyes and hands. But I am SO glad that you love it.

I hope that you have a great time finding something wonderful to knit for yourself and think of me and the fun I had spoiling you.



Ohhhhhh pretttttttttttty!


Gurl it tickles me you call her Sam! ;op

She really is spoiling you ROTTEN!!!!

Luv the alpaca!!


You sure are lucky! Malabrigo, WOW.


You are definitely lucky!! Love the alpaca and the mmmmmmm!


That malabrigo color is amazing. That Ultra Alpaca is so wonderful in how it feels, and the color is gorgeous. Yes, I am making a WICKED sweater, and I am using Ultra Alpaca to make it. I loke it, love it, love it. You have enough skeins for a sweater too. Hmmm... are the twins thinking alike???


Wooo, she did spoil you! That is some yummy yarn!


Dang, that was really the hookup!

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