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Please let me know about the guild. I can totally meet up now. I can't wait to get my FLS on the needles. Dang you sure are tiny. Finish that top already!


That's alright you have some great progress going on!!


Girl, you should go ahead and finish that top. You're so close.


Your WIP looks great.


Push on & finish that top, girl. It looks great.


Lace & Cable looks great! I totally know what you mean about trying to balance knitting and sewing. I usually don't do both in the same day, but I do them both within the same week.

sp - aka - samantha?

so glad to see how far along you have made it with the Lace & Cables. It looks really nice. Can't wait to see it finished.

The material for your sewing looks nice as well. Love the shells.

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