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About time you rescued an UFO. Weren't you working on that when we first met? Snort, snort. I love your top. Im really jealous how perfectly lined up everything is. Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I could stand to learn a few things, huh.


dude. you have no idea how much of that monkey fabric i have in stash. A LOT in many many colors. I love what you chose to do with it!!!!!!!!


I absolutely love your quilt top. I would love to be able to quilt but am too scared to try!

I found you through the SP12 participant list. Hope you don't mind me commenting :)


Just had to drop by to say I think it's great that you are picking up a UFO and progressing with it. It looks lovely.

The quilt top is lovely as well.


Oh, that's a nice mostly finished project to come back to. You're close!


Glad the DSLT is going to fit well!! Yay! Also that quilt top is beautiful!

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