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Woo Hoo. This picture filled post just made me happy as all get out! I love your quilty purchases, and I like hearing about all things craft related. I've never even heard of the Verena magazine, but of course I"m off to google. Jarn? Did someone say jarn! What's not to love? Have a GREAT weekend, my dear sistah friend!

Rosi G.

YAAAY! I'm glad you're all hooked up with books! I know how much you love your quilting and fabric stash. Probably more than I love my yarn stash!! LOL

Nice Scout Swag! But, um, and where's the FIRST Scout package???


Ooh I wonder if my BJs carries that magazine too! Gurl you know I am a member! Haha!

Have a great weekend woman!


Ooooo I'm so jealous of your Swag. Who'd you have to bribe to get that :-)


Isn't it nice how knitting takes us to new places? I love the fact that you have a second craft. Weare so much alike, twin. So what are you doing for your birthday? I wanted to plan something knitting-related, but the knitting shop I had in mind has a class that day. Bummer :-(

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