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Rosi G.

oh my, he looks sooo handsome!! girl, doesn't the time just FLY?? alex will be graduating next year, too. and esmie from 5th grade. they're already trying to screw me up by saying "mom, what if the graduations both fall on the same day???"

and how could you post that cake and not say what it is??? mmmm cake...


Congratulations to DS#2!


DS #2 is very handsome - congrats on his graduation! Sorry to hear about the DSLT. You'll find something else you really want to work on. YUM on that chocolate chip pie!! I want some!


Awww, congrats to DS! High school!

Try not to have any tantrums with your tank this time, lol. I hope it behaves!


Gurl I am sure you are beating the gurls off of DS#2!! Congrats to him! And I see your face all up in him! :oD

Ooh my!! @ "instant aggravation"
Can understand that!
Glad you went back to take your time with it.

Hope this week is great and not as busy for you!


Congrats to your son!! My daughter graduated this year too, so I know how proud you must be. That pie looks sssssoooooo good.

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